Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bakerzin @ Jurong Point

Last Sunday was our third time to Bakerzin @ Jurong Point. The first 2 times, I remember I had the Balsamico sausage pasta, which I was pretty happy with, & the mushroom pasta (linguine al funghi or something), which I had again on Sunday. Jian had the Carbonara (OK, for this one, I am not too sure, & he cannot remember himself) & Tuna respectively. He wasn't very impressed with the tuna, I remember.

Bloody mary soup. It's just tomato soup. Noting special. We KNEW it was tomato soup already, but the taste didn't wow us.

Jian's Lamb Stew Pasta. When it arrived, I commented that it looked like chinese noodles. He agreed & said it looked like noodles from a zhi char stall. I was pretty turned off by the presentation, actually, as it seemed like it was stir-fried with sliced lamb & those horrid patterned-cut carrots. I was SO turned off that I didn't want a taste, especially when Jian seemed disappointed with it. & he was, as I asked him after his first mouthful.

My mushroom pasta was the reason why we came back here. I like the creamy sauce with melted grated parmesan cheese in it. The only thing is that recently, I have been turned off by garlic & onions, so I shoved the garlic aside. I KNOW they slice the mushrooms thinly but they put a lot of slices in the dish to make it look like there is a lot, but I guess I am OK with it. I like that for the two times that I have had this pasta, the linguine has never failed to be al dente.

The only thing isthat there was no salt & pepper on the tables. Maybe you have to take it yourself from somewhere. Also, we happened to choose a table with no cutlery on it, but by the time we got the soup, our cutlery had not arrived.

We spent almost $40 on this meal. Better to come here on weekdays, when there is the $10.90++ pasta promotion. It includes a drink.

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