Thursday, August 04, 2011

Home Made Bread

No I did not bake these lovely loaves. My mother-in-law (that's Jian & Satellite's mother) did. She always used to bake somthing or the other when I first started dating him, then... it ceased. Partly because the oven's thermostat was broken & it went haywire & partly because no one ate very much of it. Not that what she makes isn't good. It is! Maybe I didn't come around often enough. LOL. Anyway, they got a new oven & she's been baking up a storm!

She made these french loaves for eating with chicken curry tonight! She used whole wheat flour!

She just bought the cute bread mold, for shorter loaves so she has been enthusiatically using it since last week. Same batch, different shape.

These fellows are cooling away on the dining table, waiting to be consumed as I type. The curry is being cooked right now as well. Heh.

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SumDumFul said...

Jian says that it is too soft to be french loaf. It's just bread shaped like french loaf as the skin is thinner and softer. I guess he's right. But we're not complaining.