Saturday, August 20, 2011

Da Mario Pizzeria @ Robertson Quay

Aaaaah Italian food. We have been wanting to try this place for a while now as it looks quite home style. We actually started with a beef carpaccio (Carpaccio di Manzo), but I do not have a picture of it. It was the beef on top of rocket leaves & shaved parmesan cheese, dressed with fresh lemon juice & olive oil.

Beef Lasagne. We had 2 helpings of this, as some of us liked it very much.

Paesana pizza. Tomato & cheese based pizza with porcini mushroom & parma ham. Ok, I kind of expected the mushroom to be blended & spread on the pizza, instead of medium-sized chunks. Smaller chunks spreads the mushroomy flavour around more evenly, I feel.

Golfo de Venere. This pizza is a white pizza, meaning there is no tomato sauce involved. It's got green olives, artichokes, crab meat & chili flakes in it. This pizza is stronger tasting than the previous one & the crabby flavour is very prominent. I don't know why they didn't halve the olives at least. One would think they would sit better on the pizza.

Mandarin sorbetto. This is the bomb! It tasted exactly like sweet mandarins! Even though we were all sharing the dessert, I know I ate most of this one. Heh.

Jian wanted me to take this picture. I forget why.

Tiramisu. Yummy too, but by the time I got round to it, I was stuffed with the mandarin sorbetto. A nice, yummy tiramisu, if I've ever had one.

Jian's double expresso.

The total bill came up to $155, including 3 beers, not forgettng the unphotographed beef carpaccio.

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