Monday, August 08, 2011

Saturday Sit-Down Dinner @ Dracoholic's

Dracoholic, Satellite & Jian decided to be chefs for the night & went researching recipes for a nice sit-down dinner on Saturday. Our dinner went as such:

Dracoholic's crab cake quenelles & baked oysters. The sauce under the crab cake is horseradish. Nice. There were some extra crabs cakes left over & I stole one later on. The oyster was nicely done & not too salty. I remember Jian did oyster rockerfeller twice & it was extremely salty, due to the bacon.

Er, I don't know what this is called. Looks like Satellite might have to tweak this post a bit. This is her dish of roasted zucchini strip rolls stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes & goat cheese (& I'm not sure what else there is). The recipe called for gorgonzola cheese, but since most of them do not like the stronger tasting cheeses, she decided to substitute it with goat cheese. Drizzled with her home made pesto. Delicious! Recipe from Delicious magazine too! ;)

Jian's ambitious main course of individual beef wellington. YUM-OH! The reason behind this individual serving is because we couldn't find an appropriate shape of tenderloin to make a whole strip, so he bought rib eye steaks instead. Accompanied by blanched french beans & drizzled with a red wine reduction sauce. I don't know how he made it, but I guess it includes the juices from cooking the beef.

Nice & medium rare. He put in a lot of effort making everything from scratch. Er, except the proscuito ham; he had to buy that, not cure it himself. I just love how well the portobello mushroom duxelles went so well with the beef. Well worth suffering many nights of Youtube video voices instructing you how to cook your beef wellington & duck breasts (as he was deciding between these 2 dishes, but we couldn't find duck in the supermarket).

Horrid picture, I know, but this is my home -made ice-cream again.

With a bit too much kahlua.

All the courses were so good, we were all very satisfied after. Jian was happy that instead of having guzzled half the wine before dinner even started, we actually behaved & took our time with them, allowing for wine pairing throughout the meal.

Thanks Dracoholic, Satellite & Jian for the lovely lovely meal!! :)

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Satellite said...

the beef wellington was so delicious and tender! but i doubt we will have it anytime soon again, cos he always just make something once and that's it! hai...