Monday, August 01, 2011

Exotic Eats!!

We were invited to be spoilt at my sister's abode again. & SPOILT we were! She came back from Turkey not too long ago & her house-mate came back from France just about a week ago!

Duck pate that took a flight on a non-cargo plane. Delicious, I tell you!

We spread them on Meiji crackers! In our home, Meiji crackers are also THE crackers to be had!

This dish is something my sister proudly discovered but did not do it according to what she had. What she had was melon (or cantaloupe) pureed with youghurt & topped with salmon roe.
So anyway, she cut a slice of cantaloupe & a slice of melon for each person & you eat it together with the salmon roe. We also tried it with sweet yoghurt. I think i prefer it with the fruit, but the rest of them were saying that if the melon was sweeter, it'd be nicer. Sweet & salty.

This here is turkish salad that she learnt from her friend's turkish fiance. They were travelling together, so it DOES count that she learnt it through her travels. Haahaa. It's dressed with pomegranate dressing, so it is special.

The beef she roasted herself with rosemary. NOW, this beef is free-range, grass-fed beef. Supposedly not as tender as grain-fed beef, also stemming from the fact that they are leaner as they get to roam around, but boy oh boy, I don't know if it is that she is a great cook, or something, but TENDER the beef was. I'd have gone for seconds, but my tummy didn't allow me to.

She roasted herbed peppers. Add your own salt. I LOVE ROASTED PEPPERS.

The goat cheese that the house-mate toted back from France & in the background, the BEST TASTING raisins I have ever had!! Had to shave the skin off he cheese as it grew a bit of mold. Don't know why, as these guys are SERIOUS foodies & they know to bung the cheese in the fridge before anything else. Even Jian enjoyed this cheese, as he is normally not a fan of stronger tasting cheeses like goat cheese, blue cheese & the likes, but this was mild enough for him.

The raisins.... I don't know how to describe them. The next time any of my friends go to Turkey, I shall IMPLORE them to get me a big bunch of these, as well as...

... these dried strawberries! Nothing compares to turkish dried fruits!!!

We ended the meal with my home-made french vanilla pod ice cream. Not only did they rave, There were also demands for a bigger tub in future. Haahaaa.

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