Monday, December 04, 2006

Sapporo Ramen Miharu

Last night Sumdumful and I went to eat at Sapporo Ramen Miharu at Gallery Hotel. It is quite a small eatery and the seats were full inside, so we had to sit outside. It wasn't very pretty outside, quite ugly.

The menu consists of many types of Ramen (around 12 to 15 types), a couple of cold noodle dishes, a couple of rice dishes. We ordered 2 bowls of different miso ramen (can't remember their names) $12.50 each, and were disappointed that the ONLY appetizer on the menu was a plate of Chashu ($7)!! You can add additional or extra ingredients into your Ramen for $1, $2, $3 more depending on what you order, but we didn't bother.

The Chashu came first, in like 1 or 2 minutes. 4 slices of meat atop a bed of beansprouts, and there was some sauce on top. Not very memorable. And didn't seem worth its price.

Then our Ramen came. The ingredients in our ramen were the same. Both had 1 slice chashu, half egg, nori seaweed, corn, japanese leek, bamboo shoots, beansprouts. My miso soup was rich, thick and tasty, Sumdumful's miso soup was tastier, but even though I usually like my food stronger in taste and flavour, I found them both exceedingly salty! And the taste of the bamboo shoots was too strong.

Considering they're supposed to specialise in Ramen, it's quite disappointing actually.

So, I still think Netsuretsu Ichibantei at Robertson Quay is much nicer. In terms of taste (Ramen and other things too), variety (Much much better. So many things to eat you dunno what to order. Bento Sets, Curry, Gyoza, Ramen, etc...), and atmosphere (can dine cosily inside, go outside to drink sake and smoke by the riverside). Price is cheap too.

But don't tell too many people.


satellite said...

where are the photos?i want to see.

Jian said...

We were sitting outside. Too depressing to take photos.

Dracoholic said...

I wonder which one more depressing your ramen or our pasta!

SumDumFul said...

Acherli, I asso rememba dat 'Kyo-nichi' (spellin pleese) place asso not bad... except dat Jian got scared off by a male (flyin) cockroach at d Far East/China Sq branch & d service was horrendous (slow & supa stressd out waitress) & out of mebe 10 (I FINK) choices of ramen, we cood oni choose 2 or 3 types.... Den we went to d (den) newly opened branch at Marina Sq.... Not bad asso la... Service betta cos twas veri empty dere at dat time (sumfing lyk 3pm, if I rememba correctly). Pasta? Mebe wan to try d pasta at 'Basil Alcove' i oni tried d "Chicken wif Avocado & Peach' (not a pasta). Nice lei...