Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cha Cha Cha at Holland V

Ok, becos we were greedily reading dis blog sum time ago, we went to Cha Cha Cha to eat meskin (mexican la) food! Jian lyks dese kinda fings.

Free chips! Jus lyk eatbma mentiond!

Close-up of d Jalepeno Peppers. FURRY fattenin!!! Cheesey & deep-fried! D oil was OOZING out lyk nobody's biznezz!!

So sinful! Luckily (or mebe unluckily) we had 2 each....

My main dish.... Lewk... Dis meal was eaten such a long time ago, I can't rememba d name of d dish... All I know (& rememba) Is dat I ate everyfing, & dat dis meal was one of d most fattening meals I've had in my entire life! I fink d rice is calld derty rice, but i cood be wrong... Brown stuff is beans.... Green stuff is guacamole (duh). D guacamole is FURRY smooth n yummi!! Dere was alot of cheese, as yew can well see.... Oozing out all ova d place one... Mebe dere were mushrooms inside asso... Can't rememba.... Jian shooda orderd dis... He lyks 2 eat fattening fings.

Dis is Jian's. No loss by nowt ordering my dish... I FEENK dis dish is calld d 'Beef Enchilada'. I cood b wrong, tho.... See d amount of oil!!! He is abit huffy, cos it was quite a small serving.... He finishd his food much fasta dan me!

Overall, I fink d food was pretty yummi & furry, furry filling.... But it'll be a long time before we go dere again. Both of us are growin... sideways... Jian remembas Cafe Iguana to be less fattening... We mite go dere fer our next meskin meal....

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