Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cookin at Home fer 5

Wow! Wot a spread! All fer $10/head! No munni fer effort, of cos.... Nice anot? Yew see!! Dis was done 3 weeks ago! (By saying dat d food was done 3 weeks ago, I meant, of cos, dat d food was cookd & consumed 3 weeks ago. NOT dat d food has bin sittin on d table fer 3 weeks ah.)

Overall piccy.

Chinese Beef and Glass Vermicelli Salad... Yummi! Jian did furry well! I cut all d vegetables....
Roasted Veggies. I made dis!!!! I cut all d veges - Eggplant, tomatoes, onions, red & yellow peppers and mushrooms, mixed d herb & olive oil & stuck it in d oven! Actualli it wasn't salty enuff, but I jus added summo salt lata. All 5 of us wallopd d 2 trays I prepared.

D baked salmon.... Seasond wif garlic, lemon juic & olive oil. Yum. Jus nice!


Much effort it took, but nowt as much effort as it took us to mek noodles & dumplings d next week.... & it din even turn out as nice... Nowt bloggin abowt DAT meal!!

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Satellite said...

looks good indeed. next time must try my salmon.