Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hog's Breaf (Monday No Nid To Werk One.. Bwahaha)

Nice view, hur?

Went out wif my 'Dunlop St Gang' on Monday. Monday bloos ma.... & asso, mad fren Karen was off... Mad Faith was tekin a break between jobs asso.... So we went to Vivocity to shop. & eat.

Hog's Breaf has promotions fer everyday. Mondays are d all day happi hour days. I dunno wot else fer every otha day. Apparently tho, d Hog's Breaf at Vivocity is jus a franchise. Dunno.. Dun realli care.

D set lunches are a real value fer munni (I suppose dey all are yar?)! Cheepa dan if yew orda it ala carte & it comes wif a soft drink (sprite, coke or iced lemon tea) & a starta (cream of mushroom soop, fish chowda soop, or garlic bread.... We had one of each! Jus nice eh!!).

My Steak Sandwich ($12 before all dat plussing). Huge! Much 'Hog's Tail' Fries! Salad fresh & green! Was actualli temptd to try d Chicken Dijonaise (got avocado one....LUV dat stuff!) but d waitress said dat it wood b a lil dry... fer $15.50, well, I thot I'd gif it a miss.... Yew can choose wot kinda potaters yew want wif dat (d Chicken Dijonaise), tho! Baked tater or mashd taters or Hog's Tail Fries.

Lewk! Fried (caremalised?) onions on top! Lewks juicy?? Yesh it IS!!!!!

Beetroot on d bottom, complete wif a slice of cheese!!!!

Mad Faith's Cheeseburga ($11.50). So Pretti, it is!! We were all furry impressd dat dey all came wif a slice of beetroot! We lyk to eat beetroot! Juicy!!

Mad Karen's Hawaiian Chicken Burga ($11.50). Furry pretti asso, but chicken abit dry... Chicken breast meat ma.... Pity.... But I did get warnd abowt d chicken breast meat aready ma...

Temptd as we were abowt d happi hour, Mad Faith & I refraind... Happi hour prices are oni 25% off regula price.... & dun ferget d plus-plussing.....

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