Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ricciotti at China Square Central!!

D government forced me to tek my NSS munni back. So becos Jian is my tweets, I brot him to Ricciotti to eat... We've bin dere before, actualli. We were walkin past one fine nite & discoverd dat dey do 50% off deir pastry desserts afta 9pm & we mega piggd out... Anyways, I wantd to come here wif him on his burfday one, but he (being bloody Jian) had to go change d plans afta I'd mo or less settled on sumfing. Not jus dat time... he always does dat one. CHIH.

My Agnello - Lambshank with mashed potatoes and mint ($16.90)! So big, d lambshank! Alot of tender, tender meat!!! Notice d mashd potaters have a sprig of fresh rosemary stuck innit? Dat Jian kept stealin lil leafs of it frem me until I gave him a derty lewk! Tear dem up & mix it wif d mash! Is excellent!!!

His Lasagne ($14.50)! Nice asso. He finishd furry kwikly. I fink d portion mite have bin a lil small ah.

Cassata Siciliana ($5.90). I quote deir online menu, 'Smooth riccota cheese, dark choc chips & citrus froots in marzipan'. Is got marzipan & a citrusy flavour innit... I fink twas abit too sweet... Mebe I jus dun appreciate dis combination of flavours... Altho....

... I din haf a prob wif d sweetness of dis Duomo ($5.50 I fink)! D coatin is pepperd wif cinnamon powder & in d centre is a shell of chocolate, wich yew break open to reveal chocolate sauce! I quote online menu,'Mascarpone & spicy cream wif olive oil sugar dough'. So Yummi! I wish i'd orderd dat!!!!

My total bill fer dinna (plus a coffee dat Jian had) came up to abowt $50 (well, $47.sumfing, i fink... or wassit $49.sumfing... aw well). I took home d panna cotta & a duomo & a tiramisu as well... My aunt & granma enjoyd d panna cotta & duomo. My tiramisu wasn't so great. Abowt $9 afta 50%. Afta 9pm, d desserts go fer half price mah.

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