Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cookin at Home fer 2

We were feelin too slack to go beyond Jurong point today. Jian decided to mek impromptu pasta fer dinna afta alot of hemmin n hawin frem me... He wooda managed to persuade me to stay at home ANYWAY.... Luckily fer him, I'm quite easy la.

Aglio Olio Fusilli with 2 types of sausages. Dunno wot kind. Jus found it in d freeza & used em. Suspect is mystery chicken sausage (white one) & pork saucisse (brown one). I luv to eat fusili! Was temptd to get d giant spirals, but dis otha brand was cheepa.... Tri-colourds are so cute! Realli livens up a pasta dish! Asso present were coarsely cut garlic, black olives & cut-up chilis. Herbs used were oregano & basil.

Baked button mushrooms. Dis is my half, wifout mozzerrella cheese on top. D pic wif mozzerrella cheese is nowt nice to see... Dis pic is asso nowt very nice, cos mushrooms are lyk shrivelld up liddat... Anyway tho, d mushrooms tasted v gewd!

Afta dinna snack! Satellite bot dis before, many moons ago... She din lyk it, but I dun mind it... Becos of d cumin seeds, it gifs it quite a strong 'indiany' taste. Kinda a pungent, musky taste... I lyk d texture wen I bite into it asso....

Dunno wot Jian will cook fer us next week?

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