Monday, July 25, 2011

Anjappar @ Jurong Point

We went to Anjappar for dinner yesterday with Jian's folks as I didn't feel like eating at home. We have been wanting to try Anjappar for a while now, but have never gotten our arses to it. I did make Jian buy a masala thosai & mango lassi for me once though. I somehow preferred the one from Prata Wala (yes, the website is a COMPLETE LETDOWN) downstairs & the mango lassi was sweet beyond belief (yes I preferred Prata Wala's mango lassi too).

Jian's parents actually did say that the food at Anjappar wasn't that great, but it's always good to try for yourself, as different folks, different strokes.

Anyhow, we ordered:

Chettinad Chicken Masala. Not bad.

Chicken Lolly Pop. Jian HAD to have it, as he was surfing the menu & trying to find out what the items were & I noticed he kept lingering on some lollypop chicken videos. This was the best dish we had, even though it was deep fried. The skin was nice & crisp & had a nice tanginess to it because of the lime we squeezed onto it. Mine was gone in a flash.

Mixed Vegetable Curry. There was more curry than vegetables in it. Luckily, the curry was passably nice & I ended up eating most of this, anyway.

Mutton Sukka Varuval. Don't be fooled by the size of the picture. This is a close-up shot. In fact, they all are. The plate is equivelant to a teacup saucer. This was not too bad. Quite nice. We ordered 2 portions of this as it was a SUPER small serving.

Fish Curry. I did not eat the fish as I didn't feel like it, but I tried a little of the curry. Very fishy, but Jian's parents thought this was the best dish of the lot.

Biriyani Rice. I didn't try this as well as generally speaking, I don't fancy the musky taste of biryani rice. Jian & I shared a white rice. What I like about the rice that they serve in indian restaurants is the texture. The grains are fluffy & yet, they separate easily. Jian says it's because they boil the rice instead of steaming it. Don't ask me. I just eat it.

Soupy thing that comes with the rice, Jian's ma says it's made from assam.

Jian finished off his meal wth a masala tea. I've had masala tea before & I don't remember the taste of the masala to be so strong. It seemed to overpower the tea. I remember liking my masala teas from any stall in Little India, in fact. Oh well.

In conclusion, I think this was by far the least memorable indian meal we've had EVER. Perhaps we have spoilt ourselves by patronising too many stalls in Little India (Sakunthala's, Sri Kamala Vilas, Jaggi's & basically almost anywhere you go, the food is good) & Samy's Curry at Dempsey.

There were plenty of indians dining at Anjappar, so I guess the food must be up to par. Well, it is; it's just not as fabulous as I had hoped. We also noticed that dishes were delivered to the restaurant pre-prepared & they just put the finishing touches before serving. Makes sense, then all the branches have a standardised taste, the food comes to us hungry diners faster & they take up less space in the already teeny-tiny kitchen.

The bill came up to $65.42 (including GST) for 4, including a masala tea, a lime juice & a sweet lassi.

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