Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blk 39 Teban Gardens Road Fish Bee Hoon (Hao Chu Seafood)

Jian & I went to my parents' place as we had to bring my kidney-failing, hypertensioned (blind from the hypertension) 16 year old kitty to the vet & back. Since we were already there, we took to opportunity to see if the zhi char stall was open. Jian claims to have eaten THE BEST fish bee hoon he has EVER tasted. He has been raving about the place for at least 3 years, & I would have had it sooner, but the last time we attempted to get our hands on the goodies, it was closed on a weekend afternoon. Bummer.

I had a home-made ice lemon tea & he had a lime juice. The reason I took this picture is because the jolly drink stall auntie popped the sliced lemon & half a lime on top of the drinks so prettily, instead of chucking the fruits in together with the ice & pouring the drink in. $1 each.

Incidentally, they use the word 'home-made' very loosely, as Jian HAD to burst my bubble & tell me that the ice lemon tea (as in, ALL home-made ice lemon teas in coffee shops all over Singapore) is 'just cordial, prepared in the factory'. *GRUMBLES*

AH, the fish bee hoon! NOW, this fish bee hoon, for the food purists, was made milky by ADDING EVAPORATED MILK into the soup. Now, all along, I've always preferred my fish bee hoon with the added milk. I do like the milky flavour it adds to the soup. I mean, why condemn it if it tastes good, right? (You food purists just luck-out, that's all.) We had XO added to the soup & I forgot to stir it up, so I got a strong mouthful of XO down my throat.

Taste-wise, I agree with Jian. It IS the best fish bee hoon I've ever tasted too. The fish was lightly fried before being added to the soup & did not have a fishy or muddy taste. I just HATE the muddy tasting fish that a lot of fish bee hoon stalls use out there. We both totally cleaned out our big bowls of the noodles, soup & all. Well, especially for the soup, of course. Anyway, this is the first time Jian has eaten it with XO. In future, I will try the normal one, just for comparison.

$6.50 per bowl, if you add XO. Jian claims to have always paid $4 for the normal one, & just add $2 to add XO, but maybe they increased the prices very recently.

I should CONSIDER visiting the folks more often, ONLY for the fish bee hoon. Heh.


SumDumFul said...

Next time, I shall try the XO fish bee hoon at Clementi Central, the same coffeeshop as my all time favourite Thaksin Beef Noodles... That is... IF I ever get sick of the beef noodles. A lot of people were eating it when we went there recently for dinner & my friend raved about it too.

taxiuncle said...

What is the operation hours of Hao Chu Seafood?Thanks for answerng!

SumDumFul said...

Hello taxiuncle. Sorry for the late reply. We don't actually know the exact operating hours of Hao Chu Seafood, but I will ask properly the next time we go there.

SumDumFul said...

Opening hours are 1130am to 2pm & 5pm to 11pm everyday, except saturdays and public holidays, whereby they only open from 5pm to 11pm.