Monday, July 18, 2011

Tex Mex @ Chili's

Chili's has a Sunday drink promotion of 141 premium margaritas. Very good for Jian. Check out his first nice, big margarita:

His initial comment was 'nice & strong' & I had a sip. It WAS indeed very strong. There was plenty of ice in the drink, so I would guess they probably mixed in the normal amount of alcohol, & the amount of ice was to keep the drink chilled, for people who sip margaritas like pussies. His was the Patron Margarita or something or the other. It's not in the online menu. (Jian says: It should be the Grand Patron Margarita.)

The drink, compared to his size!

We ordered only from the starters, as the portions are huge here. This here is the Triple Play, consisting of Southwestern Egg Rolls, Boneless Buffalo Wings & Chicken Crispers. This starter is not so impressive. The Buffalo Wings are not really 'wings'. They are more like buffalo NUGGETS (on account they are boneless I suppose :P). The taste is ok. I had one & Jian had the rest. The Chicken Crispers are battered cuts of chicken breast. Pretty dry on the inside, but the whole thing goes well with the yellow sauce. I think they purposely put the sauce that goes with the item, closest to the item. Makes sense. The Egg Rolls weren't what I really expected. I expected the skin to literally be made of EGG, but it seems more like a dough skin, deep fried. The taste was pretty good though, so I guess we can let it slide. It seemed like it would be soft & egg-like, according to the picture on the menu, but crispy is good too.

The Beef Quesadillas. You can choose chicken of beef, & I don't think they charge any extra for beef. Guacamole passes the taste test but there is so little of it, considering we are guacamole freaks (me more than Jian). You pay an additional $2.90 for the dollop of guacamole.

The rice & refried beans that came with the quesadillas. Beans were nice, rice had an interesting flavour that I cannot put my finger on.

We were super full by the end of it & had no space for dessert. Better to come here with 4 or more eaters. That way you can order a more extensve variety of food to share. We were tempted by the 4 mini burgers, but opted for the Triple Play instead, so we could taste more things.

The staff who served us (we were at the Tanglin Mall branch) were all friendly & smiley (I did spot a few black faces amongst the servers, but they didn't serve us).

Our bill came up to $67+ (can't remember the cents) for 2 starters & 2 margaritas (but don't forget it was 141 premium margarita day).

There is no service charge, only GST, but if you find the service up to par, do leave a tip. It makes everyone happy after all.

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