Saturday, July 30, 2011

Home-made French Vanilla Ice Cream & Cats Tongues!!!

I made french vanilla ice cream using this recipe here!! You MUST watch this video! He is very detailed, gives his instructions clearly & he is not boring!

Here is the close-up of my finished product! Am proud! Thank you Scott Hargrove!

I made a few adventurous changes to this recipe though:

1) I used whipping cream instead of heavy cream as I couldn't find any heavy cream at the store. According to somewhere on the internet though, you must make sure it's not UHT whipping cream. The fat content is apparently lower in whipping cream anyway.

2)I used 1/3 parts of brown sugar & the rest of the 2/3 white sugar. I initially wanted to use solely brown sugar because I like the taste of it & I thought it'd go well, but I was met with appalled faces (& up till now, I still don't get why).

3) As I didn't have an ice cream maker or a kitchen aide with an ice cream making attacment, I just used the cake mixer with the whipping attachment & did the stir-every-half-an-hour-or-so-whilst-it-is-freezing method (I just stirred it about 5 times) as I wasn't sure the ice cream mixture caught & held on to the air incorporated whilst whipping.

The result was better than what I expected, as, being a pessimist, I thought my ice cream would come out a rock-hard slab. It WAS a tad bit hard, but I still managed to scrape up a ball of ice cream using a soup spoon after about 5 minutes (yes, it's a tad bit of a long time to gather up a scoop of ice cream). In future, whilst serving this batch, I think I'll transfer it to the fridge about 10 - 15 minutes before serving. Better than buying an ice cream maker, anyhow.

As the ice cream recipe requires only egg yolks. Jian found a 'Langues De Chat' recipe or 'Cats Tongues' which requires the egg whites.

Here is the only picture we took of it:

Jian made an EXTRA long one just for the fun of it. No I DID NOT eat it all by myself. We shared it. Heh.

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