Monday, November 28, 2011

Basil Alcove Again After the Longest Time

It has been QUITE awhile since we last came here. Quite a bit has changed. The location, for one. It has moved to a more prominent spot around the building. Still the same building, but just a few shops down to a corner unit. I guess it makes a difference. Also, the prices. The prices of food seem to have increased, notably, my all time favourite dish here, by almost double.

Tomato & basil soup (Jian fill in price please). Pretty much tomato soup with pesto drizzled on top. It's nice.

Jian ordered the set meal which comes with a salad. This is their caesar salad.Tasty. No complaints.

Jian's duck (the set costs $14). Prettily plated. He said it was done perfectly. The piece I had was tasty. :) Came with some french beans (I think) & grilled eggplant.

My favourite Chicken Avocado & peaches ($14). AHEM. OK, I really don't mean to be critical here, but when we paid $7.90 for this before, I had peach slices & a mound of salad. Now it is still a great tasting chicken dish, I'll HAVE to give it that, but I was a tad disappointed that I got peach cubes now (lesser amount of peach, I mean) & I wished for more avocado. Also, baby corn, although I did eat it, is not my favourite. I associate them with chinese stir fry veges. They tasted alright, I'll have to say though. Plus side, I got grilled eggplant too. The dish still rocks, but give me more avocado & peaches please!!! I am paying almost double of what I used to, after all!!!

Jian had an expresso after. He had (I think) 2 beers before & I had an iced lemon tea (the Heaven & Earth one, which is nice, but I don't like their green tea as much).

Have to wait for Jian to fill in the prices of whatever I left out.

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