Monday, November 21, 2011

Tom's Diner @ Hong Leong Gardens

Hong Leong Gardens is a soon-to-be torn down block of old apartments. Pity, really. I grew up walking past this place almost everyday. Kind of like it. The floor tiles are very 70s retro.

We've eaten here twice already. The portions are generous. The first time, our food was way salty & we told them so. No air-con here though, so try to sit under the fan. Outside isn't too warm either, since it seems to always rain in the afternoon nowadays.

My Club Sandwich with Fries & Coleslaw ($10.80). Not bad, really. It's nothing to shout about, but it's tasty & fills the tummy. One thing is that they are not stingy with the ingredients, which is good. Nothing like a pathetically filled sandwich, like 7-11's to spoil your day. I would SO go back for the club sandwich. I kind of like it more than I should. Heh.

Jian's mushroom pasta. I think he requested for linguine, but she said linguine would take like half an hour to prepare, unless he wanted penne. I didn't really get it? Pasta takes a short while to boil, doesn't it? Maybe they had a portion of penne left & just wanted to egg him into eating that one, without wasting. Anyhow, the taste was not bad really. Will leave Jian to fill in the price (something along the line of $12, I think).

Jian had 1 or 2 Hoegarden pints. Can't remember how many. Maybe 1. A Hoegaarden pint costs $12 here all night! Super!!!! I want to come here & drink Hoe's all night after I pop!

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