Friday, November 25, 2011

Il Siciliano @ Faber Drive

This neighbourhood restaurant is owned by an Italian married to a local girl. I like these kind of joints, as, when the owners are hands-on in the restaurant, the place seems lively & happier. Unless the owners are the grumpy sort, which they are not (whew).

There are mainly 2 girls working the floor & both are the chirpy sort. The owner would oversee operations or sometimes, if you're lucky, he'd be in the kitchen.

Octopus Salad. Now we ate this meal quite a while ago. I do remember that the octopus wasn't tough & quite delicious, really. I think the dressing is balsamic vinegar & olive oil. The only thing I have to say is that I'm not a fan of bitter leaves & there were some lurking around. Jian is fine with it. It's just a matter of preference & I can't fault the dish, really.

Eggplant Parmagiana. I'll have you know that we did come back a second time after this meal & we ordered this dish again. We really like it! We both love eggplant, cheese & tomatoes, so.. it's really hard to find fault with this combi, even if it was just mediocre. But it wasn't. I think the cheese was crisp & added some texture to the dish. I could be wrong & might have mixed it up with something else.

Crabmeat Linguine. Very good. The only other place we've tried so far with good crabmeat pasta is Ricciotti. There was this period whereby they had excellent 141 promos, but I don't know if they still have it now. ANYWAY... I remember the one at Ricciotti has a cream sauce. It's just done differently, that's all. This one is excellent!

Pizza with bacon. Can't remember the name of it. I need help from Jian. Ok, we were stuffed to the gills by the end of this pizza, & I mean STUFFED. We should have ordered the pizza FIRST & THEN decided if we wanted a pasta after. OH WELL. Very yummy. Just love bacon. Don't like how it adds inches to your everywhere, but BACON. MMmMMMmmMM. & their pizzas are thin crust. YUM. LOVE thin crust pizzas.

We were treated to this home-made tiramisu! Now, for all of you who do not know this... Dessert goes into a DIFFERENT stomach. It's a nice cake, this, but I feel it is lacking in a certain something. Maybe it has not enough alcohol in it. Haahaahaahaaahaahaaa!! Lovely anyway.

Jian had 2 of these. Probably explains why he was as stuffed as me. My excuse is valid. I got not much space (& even less so now. This meal was eaten on 14/10/11.) & am condemned to eating small meals until January. I still try to push my luck, though. Mwaahaa.

A coffee & a tea we had, after. I think the total bill came up to around the region of $120? Jian, correct me if I'm wrong.

I really should continue with the 2nd meal we had with my sister & gang, but the other photos, I think are stored in Jian's phone. Nevermind. I'll get down to it later.

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