Friday, November 25, 2011

PS Cafe @ Ann Siang Hill

We met Dracoholic for lunch one day & she suggested PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill. Previously, I believe this premise used to be a gym or spa or something.

Poutine. Fries with foie gras & gravy & don't know what else. Yummy. Sinful, but yummy.

All Day Breakfast Sandwich. I was the only one who didn't order from the set menu (click on the title & you get to peruse all the menus & read whatever I forgot to fill in) as I wasn't that much interested in the options that were left by the time Jian & Draco chose theirs. Since I love eggs, this was a no brainer for me. YUM-O. I secretly love croissants more than I should. The buttery taste & fluffy texture is just... yummy... & I was glad it came like it did.

Chicken Parmesan w Tomato soup set. Jian's order. I wasn't so big on this one. It's just fried chicken & cheese in bread & a tomato based sauce, I think. Can't remember much of the soup either. It was probably quite nice.

Grilled ham, cheese, mushrooms w soup of the day (fish chowder I think) set. Draco's sandwich, which I thought was the next better one after mine. The bread was a bit hard tough. White ash bread or something. Interesting, but hard. Soup not bad, from what I remember.

My ice chocolate in the background & Jian's Ice coffee in the foreground. This is like the best ice chocolate drink I have ever had! You get a grainy texture from the drink! Yum!

Draco's tea. Forgot what tea.

I wouldn't have minded one of the cakes in the background. HMPF.

Lazy to post prices here. Would wait for Jian to do them if he even remembers them. The online menu doesn't include prices. Don't know why. Overall, a nice casual (albeit a bit uppity), but a bit of a pricey place for eats.

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