Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Far East Plaza

There's a great deal of food joints at Far East Plaza; myself, Lynx and the Rice King decided to head down that way for breakfast ... we were surprised cause lots of places aren't really open yet. We saw many of the stalls preparing for a later opening time. We ended up going to this place by the escalator. The food was pretty decent or we all were very hungry cause we cleared our plates of all the food. We had bee hoon and kway tew with the usual eggs, luncheon meat, sausage, fish cake and stuff... not bad and pretty cheap I guess, 3 of us with drinks spent $11; oh yah don't go for the teh ... not sweet at all. No pics cause we ate half way and tried to take pics but it looked very ugly.

I overheard the aunties at the stall talking, I think they make pork feet ginger vinegar thing there too. Most of the other foods range about $3 a plate, portion is decent.

And be warned, even in the morning time, you walk out smelling like far east!

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