Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Coffee Shop - Prinsep Street

Went to a pretty new coffee shop type of place today and tried the chicken laksa, it's pretty worth it for $5 without the set.

On top of that, we had Hokkien Mee. Here's some badly taken photos.

Total bill came out to be $16.50, Hokkien Mee + 2 laksa set meals which come with a small glass of barley, and 2 wet towles. No I didn't finish the food ... just wanna order to taste taste!

Did I mention it's chicken laksa ... the chicken is pretty smooth. Oh the place is nice, it's a little shop house.


Jian said...

Is this the former food alley that keeps changing hands?

Dracoholic said...

No no ... it's a coffee shop on the other side. Ah, it's called CR @ Prinsep, Address 44 Prinsep #01-01, Singapore 188673