Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday @ En

I got conned into writing this by the way ... but of course as usual they were all good reasons why I should start writing about En.

Well En is usually our impromptu type of place especially around 10plus but this Tuesday we all went much earlier. The place was packed .. but of course we had our wonderful server, Noriko and cute bartender Vincent!

We bought sake coupons, which cost about $138, allowing you to get 10 coupons that you can use, I don't think there's an expiry date on them.

We had Hakkaisan, Kouro, Ginjo Hakkaizan, and Momokawa sakes.

For starters we had Beef Carpacio, Goya Ohitashi (Bitter Gourd in some type of sauce) and Takowasabi:

Ok all I got to say for myself is that the bitter gourd wasn't bad at all. Thank you for forcing me to eat it! Bitter gourd is not my favorite dish at all.

Then the meal went on to consist of Tsukune (chicken and mushroom balls skewered), Kawebi (river shrimp), Sukugarasau Toufu (cold tofu with anchovy) and Eihire (Dried sting ray fins that are toasted). Sorry don't have pics of some of these items.

Of course the most spoilt dearest lil thing got her set of edamame beans for the night. She gets that when we go eat Jap food all the time if she's along with us.

Cost of entire dinner, plus a couple asahi beers = $241.40

Oh my goodness, look the cat became human!!!

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satellite said...

the beef carpaccio is my all time fav. i've never failed to order that everytime i'm at en. goya ohitashi is actually marinated raw bittergourd in vinegar sauce. very refreshing with a clean, crisp taste.