Saturday, September 16, 2006

Food Pics & Reviews

Thursday night Lynx and I were down at Peranakan Place... we had the Pork Relish as usual, it's like ba chor then you eat it with cucumbers, pineapples, and fried wanton skins. Nice kind of spin on chips and dips for a bar. Sorry the pics a bit over exposed.

Ok so we all agreed we would goto Sheng Siong to go check out some stuff that we needed for the house. So we decided to meet at Sunshine Plaza, of course we need a good meal before excersize and shopping. We landed ourselves at Victor's Kitchen, my normal haunt for decent dimsum, unfortunately, their selection is very limited. Victor's selection cannot beat the selection of 126 (Wun Dao Sic) in Geylang, a road side dimsum place. Oh and by the way, we did make a couple detours walking over to Sheng Siong from Sunshine, we first stopped at Poon Huat Confectionary, where you can find lots of baking goods, as well as spices, and especially puree's that you can make wonderful drinks out of ... yah I don't really bake so it's not my priority to find things to bake with. We also found a pretty newly opened Korean Supermarket located at Burlington Square I think, it's either Burlington Square or The Bencoolen (not sure how to spell).

Here's some pics for ya, and of course our popular commentator Lynx will eventually be giving a review on the place. Think our bill for 3 ended up being priced at about $24. Can't wait, we're going to be having steamboat tomorrow.

So they met me at Sunshine to go for dim sum lunch but prior to that i had an early exam of business law to sit and by the time i was done i was famished. Any more exercise (walking ie not in my head but physically) would have just increased the hunger enzymes. So do bear in mind that this review is based on a hungry hungry person ( er..not hippo ok)

The dim sum place is located deep in the belly of Sunshine pass the popular Parklane wonton noodles and a few other eateries. Victor's Kitchen (the main shoppe as opposed to their mini chain aka extra sitting area ala China style) is a tiny shoppe front which is the kitchen itself, where all the high rises of bamboo dim sum baskets, large and small, have whispery steam rising from their roofs. Three chinese men are busy making fresh har kaos, manipulating the "labrynth" of bamboo steamers and refilling sweet chilli sauce.

Okay enough about the shoppe, now for the food. We had 2 orders of Har Kaus (shrimp dumplings), Pork Ribs, Fried Wontons, Shrimp Cheong Fun ( rice flour strips stuffed with shrimp), Steamed Carrot Cake, Siew Mai (meat dumplings of sorts) and Char Siew Pau (roast pork bun).

The Fried Wontons didn't look too appetizing as it wasn't fried till golden brown and it was the large type wontons with plenty of crispy skin, what a waste. But to my surprise, the wonton skin was very crispy despite being fried just slightly and OMG the shrimp was fresh and luscious. Very good.

The Har Kows were just mediocre except that the filling of shrimp was very fresh and they use whole shrimps.

The Pork Ribs were just nasty coz they were sour to begin with and almost tastless, no solty soy beans or chilli, nothing. *pui* Very bad.

The Shrimp Cheong Fun once again had fresh, luscious shrimp but the cheong fun was erm.....well the texture was different from what i was used to not the silky melt in your mouth type but more like pig's skin very thinly sliced. Not that it wasn't good it was just different. The sauce was just right, light yet tasty and not too sweet. Overall not a bad dish at all.

The Steamed Carrot Cake was refreshing in that not many places serve carrot cake steamed, they're usually pan-fried. The sauce again was pretty decent like the cheong fun one. The carrot cake was well, light but still solid enough to pick up and you could taste the strands of carrot in it as well. Very nice combination of texture.

The Siew Main was nothing special at all. Although, i must mention that the official name of the dish is "Queen Size Siew Mai" i wonder what queen size meant because the siew mais were really small. Perhaps the normal ones we are used to are king sized and these are supposed to be bite sized so its queen size ....hmm...... i always thought that when you empasized the size of something in a dish it would be because it was laqrger than usual.

Last but not least, the Char Siew Pau was fluffy but not neccessarily light in that the fluffy-ness made it more platable that your normal paus but if you had like one whole pau you would be quite full, hence not light at all. The char siew was savoury and not too sweet with plenty of gravy unlike the normal paus outside.

In conclusion, Victor's Kitchen makes are very nice lunch place with decent dim sum and an ok price but nothing comparable to what we are going to eat for Sunday brunch.

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