Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Food Videos!

Watch these food videos!

I want to make the Guacamole and eat with tortilla chips.

I want to make Pizza too. And the Watermelon Basket. And the Creme Brulee. And the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


Dracoholic said...

I think Satellite know how to make Gucamole... but I always thought that to make it, you just get the Gucamole and de-seed and de-skin the thing then mush it up can already ... no meh?

We will be doing a Pizza night ... should we do it as part of Pixie's bday party?

Jian said...

Guacamole got other ingredients in it besides avocado mah. The video also demonstrates an interesting way to remove the stone of the avocado and at the same time test if the avocado if ripe enough.

The Pizza recipe has an interesting twist to it - the chef adds rosemary into the pizza dough. Yummy!

What can we put on Pixie's pizza? :D

Dracoholic said...

mmm lemme see ... she like cherry tomato, then we can put some chicken/pork liver on it, with some mushroom. Instead of bday cake we give her bday pizza.

Lynx said...

If you guys watch the video on the strawberry shortcake.....the part where he says to put sugar all over the berries so that the berry juice will come out so u get a nice berry syrup. Well the theory is the same as my putting some salt on veggies to sweat them so water will come out, more nutritious. Hehe so now we know for non sweet stuff add salt and for sweet stuff add sugar hahahaha sweat sweat sweat

satellite said...

some recipes add diced tomatoes in it.