Thursday, September 14, 2006

Maharaja Delivery Service

13 September 2006 - Ordered from Maharaja Delivery Service

PANEER SAAG - spinach with cottage cheese
ALOO JEERA - Potatoes in cumin with fresh coriander leaves
BINDI NIANTARA - Lady's fingers in onions, tomatos and other spices

Found it a bit pricy but what more can you ask for if it is a delivery service ... was totally like lazy and we all agreed the menu looked really delicious especially when you're about to faint from starvation.

The vindaloo was spicy, the paneer saag, they didn't fry the cottage cheese and the spinach kind of was too mushed up, looked more like a spinach paste. The portions were pretty small also but all the sauces, rice and naan was pretty filling.

Will let Satellite and Lynx take care of the rest of this review.
LYNX'S Review:

Today we had the leftovers for lunch. Apparently, take-out curry, unlike home cooked curry, does not taste better over night. But in general maharaja makes decent curry.

What's refreshing was the Lady's Fingers, it wasn't mushy nor slimy and acts as a great antidote for burning overspiced tongues.

The Goa Fish Curry had fresh and plump fish slices in it and was mild but not boring. If you're expecting the tangy-ness from traditional fish head curry, well you'll only find a slight reminder of it in this northern dish which focused more on the basil.

The Butter Chicken Curry/Dish was very interesting in that it was buttery but you wouldn't know it was butter. Creamy yet not gelat, a very mild curry. Its not a spicy dish at all but certainly had a decent array of spices in it.

The fire-cracker of the lot was the Lamb Vindaloo. Like its name suggests, fire-breathing spicy-ness but not toungue-numbing so you could really still taste all the spices that went in. Lamb pieces were just tender enough.

The Tandoori Platter was a disappointment. Meats were not succulent enough although you could truly taste the char from the ovens.

The cottage cheese pinach dish aka Paneer Saag, was the weakest link. Tastless, spiceless, just tough cubes of cheese dumped into green muck.

The potato dish was a nice medley of spices, onions and carbs. This dish makes eating carbs almost sinless. The spices and onions neutralizes what would have been a rather gelat dish.

All in all the oily but flavourful naan went great with the curries and side dishes. Only thing was the price. Not that it was expensive but for this level of culinary expertise i would not be expecting this price.


lynx pretty much summed it all up about maharaja's. i would give thumbs up for their nosh EXCEPT for the spinach with cottage cheese which is very bland and BORING. it was left pretty much untouched by us all. and oh, their chicken tikka too was a bleah....

my favs are the butter chicken and the mutton vindaloo. the butter chicken, has a nice piquant taste unlike others i've tried before elsewhere. mutton vindaloo was tangy and intense.

the chicken tikka, which was marinated pieces of boneless chicken cooked in the tandoori was a disappointment. they were whitish dry chunks of chicken meat that had no distinct taste or colour and looked like they've been left out for too long. and i think they could be more generous with their mint yoghurt sauce since we ordered a tandoori platter.

the Goa fish curry could be spicier, but it was still fairly palatable. lady's fingers, no complaints. potatoes were good and the pillau rice was yummy and not too oily. the naan....well, it wasn't too bad. could be thinner and lighter though.

but wot the hell is the weird tasting chutney pickle like thingie they gave us on the side? i cant even begin to describe the taste. it was very salty and tasted bizarre and horrible. do they accompany this with their food like how we eat our sambal or belachan?---------*shivers*


Dracoholic said...

hahaha ... think you were the only one who touched the "chutney pickle like thingie" ... after you made the Eeew face and said it didn't taste good ... no one else touched it.

Jian said...

Would you guys order again?

satellite said...

i think i would order again to try their other dishes and curries. the menu is pretty extensive, lots to choose from. but maybe next time we should dine there instead of home delivery.