Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Archipelago Brewery

Click on d title... Go on... CLICK.... Yar, I knw dat dis is nowt d official Archipelago Brewery site k... but dat's nowt d point.... Jian & I walkd past d newer branch at China Sq or dereabowts dat day.... & d prices dat dis site quoted were NOWT normal prices!!! Dey gif us d HAPPI HOUR PRICE!!!! Dat means dat... de beer is FUCKIN expensif la!!!! I fink it's like.. $13 a pint.... MIND YEW ok.... Deir 'pints' are dose small small goblets fings... Like.... half-pint size?? HOW DARE dey call em 'pints'!!!! Actualli for a long time aready, Jian & I have bin inspectin d lil pics of dese so-calld 'pints' on d webby & bein vvvv suspicious of d size..... I almost faintd wen I saw d 'pint' wif my own eyes!!!!! $13 fer a half-pint?? *Faints* Happi hour price asso not happenin one... CHIH!

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