Thursday, December 07, 2006

warning do not go to pizza pazza at anchor point

Don't remember if it's called Pizza Pasta or Pasta Pizza ... well something like that ... it's horrible absolutely disgusting. Ok I've been told it is Pizza Pazza, corrected by Jian .... AIYO, SHOULD HAVE KNOWN ALREADY CAN'T EVEN SPELL PASTA CORRECTLY ......

1) The guy didn't know what the heck we were ordering / shall I actually say asking.
2) The pasta sucked ... I mean cabonara isn't supposed to taste like alfredo ... or is it?
3) The other pasta, some prawn pasta came with like 4 small lil tiny prawns in a tomato base sauce which was extremely bland ... or so I thought! You gotta ask Satellite though ....
4) The cesar salad was extremely pathetic .... a 5 year old child can make it .... regular iceberg looking lettuce, cheapo ham, and some unknown type of white dressing

Our conclusion, the Italian Chef either sold off his business to these folks for lots of money or he didn't make enough to survive.


I took like 2 bites outta everything ... and then had to go ikea for my $1.50 hotdog meal. We should've just stuck with the cheap ikea food!


Jian said...

Actually, the boss isn't Italian. He's Romanian or something, used to be a chef at some Italian restaurant in Bukit Timah area.

I've been to Pizza Pazza about 3 times long ago. At that time, he was always at the stall to take orders, supervise and cook. I thought the food was pretty good.

Maybe the food sucks now cuz he's not there to QC and his ah beng cooks don't take pride in their cooking!

SumDumFul said...

ikea meatballs veri nice lei....