Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mala Mala and More Mala

Hot fiery steamboat from Chongqing China has become quite a big hit in Singapore over the last few years. I think the earliest Mala 麻辣 — "numb and spicy" restaurants were the Magic of Chongqing Hot Pot19 Tanglin Rd #04-06/07 Tanglin Shopping Centre and the famous Bugis $11 Buffet Steamboat located on Beach Road. By the way, Beach Road itself has a few stores competing for business. I think we can name Bugis Beach Road area Steamboat Lane soon!!!!

Of late, there have been Chongqing Mala Steamboat places popping up all around the island and since we are such Mala freaks, we decided to review a few places.

So far, our vote goes to the latest steamboat place we've tried Chuan Jiang Hao Zi Steamboat (direct translation, Village Head Son's Steamboat) at Smith Street. The pricing cannot beat the Bugis joints but food is fresh and the mala has a very authentic and different taste from it. I can't say that it's the spiciness of the chilli's that give the effect of Ma, but it's actually a spice or herb they are using that makes the soup base Ma! The owner won't give up the special recipe; it's a secret she says!!!

For a more exagerative review, Lynx will probably tell you the soup is magical. Apparently some people have been asking the owners if they place opium into their soup as people keep coming back for more.

I think the next place we gotta try is the one at Novena boasting that they are the true real Mala steamboat place. I can't quite remember the name right now but I do remember it is around Novena Church that side.


Jian said...

What's the white soup?

SumDumFul said...

ah? not chicken stock meh???

Dracoholic said...

some chicken stock and pork mixed broth that was boiled for a very long time i think; plus they have some herbs in the soup also .... pretty tasty!