Friday, December 29, 2006

Catering for Parties

We recently celebrated Eve's birthday party and instead of catering from outside, we decided to do it ourselves. Satellite, Lynx and I (Dracoholic) prepared the food for the evening. We told guests that there'll be canapes, and I guess most of them thought that meant there wouldn't be much to eat! Oh well, we did have a great deal of left overs because people went and had their dinner first ... boohoo too bad for them.

Anyway after this experience we've decided that we are open to catering for other people's parties; no more than 50 pax. Post on this site should you want us to quote you for an event you want to hold. We prepare the food only, if you want us to make your place look pretty and make sure everything is beautiful and professionally done, well we can do that too but you'll have to give us a bigger budget!

Look at the spread we had that night! We prepared both hot and cold canapes for everyone to enjoy!

Some more close ups for ya!

Well for the cold dishes you can see for yourself! We had our typical vegetable snack platter and our usual cheese and coldcut platter! Then of course we had several types of deviled eggs, crackers with crabmeat and tuna and wasabi mayo prawn cocktail, topped with caviar. Some quail eggs with sea salt dips. Cucumber cups filled with yummy stuffing and garnished with caviar, carrots, and turnips. Lemon grass beef wrapped in rice rolls with a thai dipping sauce.
The of course we had our hot dishes which definitely included wings, marinated in a I don't remember what I put in there type of sauce. Then there was muscles baked in a tomato cream sauce with yellow peppers for colour. Fried crabshells and potato wrapped prawns; last but not least we made crab rangoon, which everyone took to quite well. I was surprised because rarely will you find crab rangoon in singapore; and people probably think stuffing a wanton skin with cream cheese and crabmeat is a bit weird! Well people liked it so I'm happy!
We had some type of banana muffin which Lynx baked up but I don't think we managed to take a picture of that. We didn't take enough photos this time, but soon we will be having a tasting session at Curve to kick off our catering hobby. If you're bored with the food you get from outside caterers, give us a try. We put a spin on things!
Ah yes ... one more thing ... we achieved all the food preparations within 6 hours, that was inclusive of going to the supermarket where Satellite and myself didn't have time to browse at all ... we just rushed in and bought all the items we needed!

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Initiate said...

Your spread looks simply delicious and beautiful to boot! How much are you charging for catering services? Mind e-mailing me at Thanks.