Friday, December 15, 2006

Wham Burger!!!

And it first started with Chicken Burgers ... then they figured if we sell chicken burgers, we should sell fish, and if we're going to sell fish, we mind as well add beef to the menu too!

Wham! Burger, located at China Square B1 is serving up delicious east meets west type of burgers that are to drool for! Add there homemade chilli which is really spicy and you get yourself a chilli burger!

The owner states that all her burgers are made with a special and secret recipe ... and as much as I tried cornering her into the side of her kitchen to get the recipe but she wouldn't budge!

Although the burgers don't look like much, well you'll definitely go back for more, beats the likes of carl's junior, macs and BK! I mean it's real meat, that still is nice and juicy, with a mysterious blend of seasoning. Definitely everyone must try once, so anytime you are in the area of China Square or Far East Square that area, remember to drop by and be Wow'd by the burger that packs a punch WHAM! BURGER.

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SumDumFul said...

Aiyo... Jian surely want to go eat..... *headbutts yew*