Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Meidi-Ya (spellin plees) Supamarket Food

Meidi-Ya... De supamarket speshulising in most fings jap at de basement of Liang Court. Dey've gowt a 'budget' foodie korna whr yew can tek away or eat dere, as well. I mean... budget meanin it IS cheepa dan eatin at a jap restaurant lor... but de variety of salads!!!!! I LYK I LYK I LYK!!! Lewkit our spread:

Okay, frem left (clockwise): California Hand Rolls, Lotus Root Salad, Hoki & Shell Salad & dunno wot sushi fing dat's got salmon rapped on de awtside (I'm sure Jian will rename it). Total bill: $18ish.

Yew kno how to remoof de plastic wrappa fer de hand roll skillfulli? Yew unroll it ONI HALFWAY, & de wrappa will haf eitha a perforated line or it'll be a pocket fing (lyk fer sliced cheese), so yew tear at de dotted line exposing da seaweed, roll de rice & stuff to bak de exposed seaweed, slip de rest of de plastic out de otha end & roll it back nicely. Hard to visualise, but easy-peasy once yer attit. Yew do kno tis to prevent de seaweed frem gettin soggy, yar? I LURV CALIFORNIA HAND ROLLS!!!

We've had de Lotus Root Salad before, but I lurvd it so much (mmm-MMMMMM), we had to have it again. Altho, it gets abit much towards de end.. Mayhaps it's abit rich. I fink de dressing is sesame or peanut or both. Heh. De Hoki (kinda fish) & Shell Salad din seem to have any 'shell' innit... but de vege lewkd lyk noodles.... LEWK:

Kinda yummi & de noodles wer krunchy, so I'm nowt complainin. Kinda rich too, tho... It's all d mayo. I thot de sushi rolls wood be gewd, but dey were kinda disappointin. Made Jian eat mo dan me. *KACKLES*

Note (yes, a bit late on 24 July 2011, as it has been like this for at least 2 years): This section of the supermarket has been moved to a separate little eatery on the other side of the building on the same floor. You still can buy the salads & stuff in the same containers.

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