Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vietnamese #1

So we akcherli walkd past dis place, nowt too long afta I moved to Cantonment. We did stop to peruse de menu & all.. but we din go back till I got a propa job (lyk, jus a month ago). Soopy beef noodles is lyk one of my favrite foods, so I cood resist fer furry long, eh? Twas Jian who decided to come here anyways.

We orderd Mango Salad. Yummi. I say twas awfulli spicy... Jian claims nowt. Bin too long. All I do rememba was dat twas yummi (despite de alleged spiciness).

Summer Rolls. Came wif a set meal fing. Can't realli rememba de combi, but twas wif one of de noodles below. De meals consist of a (chosen by dem) starta wif a (chosen by dem) main dish & a soft drink or a coffee (extra 50cents if yew wannit iced. THOROUGHLY recommended by Jian). Prices fer de set meals range frem $8.00 to $11.00 or summat. Dun yew fink dey made de summer rolls prettilee, tho?

De sauce is ackcherli de secret to de yummi summer rolls. I dunno wot dey put innit (cos am abit dimwitted liddat) But twas SO GEWD.

Crabmeat soop. Came wif de otha noodles. Nowt bad la. A lil lyk sharksfin soop kinda....

OK. Dis condiment. So important. So YUMMI. So FRAGRANT. So.... Jian whallopd alot. I tell yew... Dis is preserved lemongrass. Jian say one. He's abit mad liddat. Anyways. Dis lemongrass condiment... Wen yew taste it, de flavour kinda.... explodes in yer mouf (ok, am bein dramatic here, but it seems lyk de best way to describe it). I was ackcherli quite impressd dat a humble lil eating place cood have such an unusual condiment lying around. Of cos, it may be common to dem, rite? Prolli is.

De spicy noodles. I rememba dat Jian ate dis one. Hi noodles was tastier dan mine. Mine was de.....

Beef Pho. Nowt bad la.. but lyk I said... Jian's was tastier... Dun mean dat mine wasn't gewd. Twas.

Jian's iced coffee... He lykd it cos dey added gula melaka (he finks) innit.

We raved abowt it until Dracoholic & Rice King had to come back wif us to see fer demselfs. We orderd Papaya Salad togetha wif our set meals. Fuckin spicy la. Nowt dat twasn't gewd.

Jian's Pork Chop Rice. Lewks gewd hur? Dat yello block fingy is an omelette fingy. Interesting.
I wantd to orda sumfing else, but I jus can't rememba wot. Dis is a Pork Vermichelli fing. SO GEWD!! If Beef noodles wasn't my favrite fing (plus, I do prefer soopy noodles), I'd say dis wood be lor. Yew pour sum sauce innit (plum mebe?) & stir it up. NYUM. I wan to eat dis one, nex tym..... Again again! Again again!!!

Rice King & Dracoholic orderd de same fings we orderd before, so we neva tek pics of deir food. But Jian noticed dat de consistency of de crabmeat soop was diffrent. He CLAIMS twas nicer thinna (2nd visit). No diffrence to de taste, tho........

[DRACOHOLIC's POST - i took too long to post mine, so I'm riding off Sumdumful]

Vietnamese #1 Restaurant at Smith Street
At first when you pass by the place, it looks like serioiusly dingy ... I had my doubts until one day SumDumFul and Jian told me the place isn't bad!

So we all met up there again to have some Pho; guess partially this is because I never really got to eat when I was in Ho Chi Minh City because of the stupid Acid Reflux I was having.

Anyway, this place is worth a try cause it is cheap and good ... and the way it's setup, maybe it'll remind you of the small little pho places along the side streets of Ho Chi Minh. Communication can be a problem as they are Vietnamese.

This is important and why I am actually posting off this write-up, do not, I say DO NOT go waste your money on The Orange Lantern at Killeny. We went there last Saturday for lunch and it was extremely pathetic... To even think that there were so many rewards and good reviews for this place ... complete total disappointment!!!! And it's a disgrace that they should write that it "prides itself by serving delicious Vietnamese cuisines in addition to its award winning specialities like BBQ Beef in Betel Nut Leaves (Appertizer category), Special Beef Noodle Soup (Main course category) & Avocado shake (Drinks category)." See advertisement on Perhaps the Harbourfront or Hougang Mall one is better, I don't know but I surely won't eat there again. I'd rather place my bets go down to Holland V and eat at Pho Hoa as the prices are equivalent. Oh one more thing, don't get cheated by their one person set meal for $18, it's not worth it if you have a pho and a drink and fried spring rolls (yuck by the way) it ends up to be slightly cheaper. With the hike in gst, it's worth it to look at the set menus carefully first and judge the pricing like that! We didn't bother taking any pictures cause the food was too tasteless or in general not nice, so no point!

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SumDumFul said...

We went back & tried de Lotus Root Salad.It wasn't so spectacula..... I was vvv disappointd wen it came out a pickled type of salad fing. So everyfing had dat sour sour pickled taste. De lotus rootswere de baby lotus roots.... De thickness of a drinkin straw... Mebe I compared it to de Japanese one at Meidi-Ya Supamkt & got sorely disappointd....