Saturday, August 11, 2007

Portobelle @ Kiliney Road


De inside of Portobelle. It's dis lil restaurant along Kiliney Road. Opposite De NTUC dere. Feels kinda cosy inside, cept fer de lack of cushiond seats. Hyuk. ANYWAYS. I fink.... Despite de slightly haphazard (dey left 3 menus onna 2 seata table & left an order booklet on de table as well... even afta we sat down. But yew gotta fergif em. Dere's oni 1 person serving & 1 chef & 1 kitchen helpa... if am nowt wrong.) feel of de service, twas frenly & everyfing. Food was well prepared & served lewkin pretti enuff...

Our Melazane starta ($6.50). Is grilld eggplant in balsamic vinegar & olive oil & sprikled wif fried garlic. Got sum pickles to go wif em as well. Tastee!

Jian's Moussaka ($18.90). Is chicken & eggplant & a rich creamy sauce. Jian likens it to lasagna, wif de eggplant replacing de sheets of pasta. Is quite nice. He lyks lasagna & he lyks eggplant too, so he was happi.

My Vongole ($18.90). Yew choose yer pasta. I fink yew choose between spaghetti, fusili, fettucine (wich is wot I chose) & linguine. So many clams!!!!!!! Nice, but nowt speshul, I suppose. Realli, how speshul can pasta get, rite? But twas gewd.

Washd everyfing down wif dis wheat beer. 3 bottles (330ml) fer $26.90. Service charge & GST apply.

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