Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bei Fang Feng Wei @ Pearl's Centre 01-24

We went to watch a derty movie dis aftanoon. Afta we bot de tix, we at lunch at dis (insert name) place. We noticed it de las tym we went to watch anotha (pathetic) derty movie. Dey haf anotha (prolli de main) branch at Smith Street asso. Dis stall is run by 2 Chinese nationals. Dey're pretti gewd! & I double checkd de meat in de dumplings. Din lewk (or taste) lyk solvent-soakd cardboard. We shared de Beef Noodles (soopy one. Dey ran out of Zha Jiang Mian), Fried Tofu in Chili & Pan-Fried Dumplings (Gow Gees, to our ang moh frens. I am furry amused wif de way dey spelt it inna cookbook dat I bot, nowt too long ago).

'Where? Where is my food??'

YUMMY! It tastes FURRY MUCH lyk de beef noodles frem Crystal Jade!!!!! & de guy pulls (meks) de noodles right in front of yer face!!! Fresh noodles!!!! WOW!!!!! Fer a mere $3!!!! I cood eat dis evryday!!! We wantd to orda de Zha Jiang Mian, but dey din haf.... Anyways... No nid to fret. I can walk ova any tym (lyk real all, de lazy fuck, dat I am).

Dis one came wif rice, actualli. We din wannit, so we returnd it to dem. Nice. Dunno wot kinda chili sauce dey use, tho. I lurv tofu, so pretti much any tofu (I havn't tried Smelli Beancurd tho) sits well wif me. I especialli lyk de wobbly kind, lyk dis one. $3.50.

Dumplings were alright. Which is nowt a bad fing, realli. I cooda said dat dey suckd, rite? De haf pre-prepared dumplings in dis fridge (de kind dat yew open frem de top, lyk de kind dat de ol lady in Desperate Housewives used to store her ice cream & her dead husband in) & dey boil em or fry em on de spot. Akcherli, I suppose yew cood say dat de dumplings were pretti gewd la. Yummy. Oh & dey got a few different kinds of condiments. De chili dat Jian took was pretti tasty. Is de type of chili dat has a thicka consistency. $3.50 fer de dumplings. Which brings it to a total of $10 fer de both of us!!!!! WOW! & den we went to Portobelle to eat & drink $77 werf of food & beer. Dat post will come lata.
Dere is anotha eatery in Chinatown dat is pretti gewd too. I fink it's on Smith Street as well. It's calld Vietnamese #1 (yar, I KNOW de food group is nowt de same, but de area is.... HAAHAA). In my eyes, it realli is yummi. My tum finks so too.... Run by troo bloo Vietnamese. I will write abowt it next tym asso. I realli feel quite lazee now.

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