Tuesday, January 06, 2009

5th Floor Far East Plaza Chicken Rice

I really didn't find it all to fascinating the day I went to eat there... perhaps they have lost their standards.

If I can compare it to Boon Tong Key ... that's sad, as Boon Tong Key over the years has lost it's standards after their so called expansion and upgrade of their Balestier branch... Apparently one has to ask for Black Sauce there when ordering chicken rice from BTK Balestier...

Anyway back to Far East Plaza ... really really nothing special yet they still finish selling their chicken pretty quickly... maybe I should purposely try the other chicken rice stores around FEP to see whether the other ones around are even worse, perhaps that is why they are considered delicious.

Like seriously the rice was pretty tasteless and chilli had no kick, as for the chicken ... well I'm not a fan of healthy non-oily chicken ... When I go out and feast, I expect that I'll get a pulmonary attack from the food one day! If not, I'll just sit home and steam kampong chicken and vegies every day! Then again, no wonder the rice isn't fragrant enough!

The funny part is that the soup was more on the oily side, and I did enjoy the taste of the soup minus the oil, but when it comes to soup, it's very rare to hear me complain unless it's too salty, too much msg, bland or just plain old watered down. I think we were all fighting for all the preserved veg also!

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