Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hong Kong Cafes in Singapore

Another player amongst the Hong Kong cafe scene of late is Crystal Jade, and they are doing a very bad job and most probably ruining their name ... they should just stick with their Crystal Jade Kitchen and have the cooks there do the work!

The newest edition to the family is located at Liang Seah Street, another one will be opening in Orchard soon ... I think the new building is called Orchard Central.

Authentic my ASS! Each and every HK Cafe in Singapore that claims themselves to be authentic fail in one place already ... they don't have chilli oil and when they didn't have chilli oil we asked for chilli padi (did you check out how stingy they are with their padi? look at the photo man!) ... and I think I have already complained about this several times. Further adding to the whole HK Cafe concept, I am not sure what a HK Cafe is supposed to be ... are they comparing themselves to a HK Coffee Shop. I think there is a major identity crises in Singapore.
Probably the only thing I found nice about the place was it's dimsum ... dimsum ... at a HK Cafe ... I really do not understand the concept at all! Do HK Cafe's have dimsum? I know early in the morning in HK coffee shops they have steamed rice rolls and stuff, but I do not recollect pan fried radish cake, chicken feet or even steamed pork ribs.... I must be in a nightmare.

Oh and by the way, the radish cake ... was more flour than radish ... and there was practically nothing else in the radish cake itself.

By the way, the soup noodles we had, had the same taste as the macroni soup they recommended ... it's ridiculous ... on top of that, I want to complain, the coffee shops in HK have delicious soup bases .. most of the famous ones boil their soups for a very long time... the soup base for most of the soup noodles are weak at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe.

What type of fried rice with pork chop is this? I think this is something you can make at home! The rice seemed like steamed rice ... with chopped eggs and some type of chopped green vegie ... ok I have concluded that I was somewhere in the Twilight Zone of HK Cafe's that day!

The porridge you can stick to the one at Crystal Jade Kitchen, this is not impressive at all!

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