Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pu Tien Heng Hwa Food

Oh delicious so many interesting things to eat. Actually I thought I already posted this up some time ago... I am not really sure and a bit confused ... so I am going to post it again. Cause I do like Heng Hwa food and I want to go back and eat more.

For starters we had the Drunken Cockles, Iced Bitter Gourd, Steamed Cold Pork Belly with Garlic, and Braised Pork Intestines... All were delicious ... especially the drunken cockles! I think I subconciously typed out my order of preference!

For mains we had the Salty Spicy Bamboo Clam and the Fat 3 - Layer Glazed Pork!

And of course, I cannnot miss out on their specialty dishes ... these two are my favorite Heng Hwa dishes - fried Hing Hwa bee hoon and the Heng Hwa styled lor mee!!! Although these are specialty dishes, their bee hoon and lor mee cannot beat a small little coffee shop around race course road ... I am not really sure what it's called but it was located near the old ntuc at race course ... The Bee Hoon and Lor Mee at the coffee shop taste better than the ones at Pu Tien.

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