Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pho 99 at Amoy Street

Pho 99 at Amoy Street ... another venture of Sumdumful and my soupy things for lunch search...
Actually I can see the pho isn't bad ... except that it's not pho ... ok what I mean is the soup base and the ingredients aren't too bad, but they do confuse pho with kway teow in Singapore.

As you can see the cha gio is pretty pathetic. But seriously, any day anytime, this type of small eatery can beat the tastes of The Orange Lantern, which I find completely unauthentic. There used to be this place called Mai's I think at Marina Square ... there Vietnamese food was pretty authentic!

That being said, I am still looking for somewhere that has the authentic stuff!!! Can't wait till I get a change to get back to HCMC to get some of that yummy tasting Vietnamese food ... perhaps this time I will be able to eat!!!!

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