Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cook of the Day

After a nice day of mah jong and chilling with my cousin and family friends, they were invited down to try out my cooking ... The only reason why I cooked is because our family friend will never let us pay for a meal when we go out ... so this was probably the only way we can treat back!

Anyway I cooked the typical, roasted chicken, pasta, onion soup with chicken, and pork chops (first time). The meal actually took me about 1 hour to prepare and it took us about 30 minutes to buy all the items we needed.

Recipes ... hahahaha I think you can find them online ... no big deal; Fact is I don't usually remember how I cook my things ... I'm pretty lucky ... usually it just works out pretty decent!

Look Look, The Chicken is Pooping Grass!!!

Oh yah, and I forgot the portobello mushrooms.

And then the whole table full of food ... so much, so much we couldn't finish! I think I remembered daboing it for Jian to eat... HeeHee ... think he had the prawn pasta ... not sure if Satellite ate any though...

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