Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe - KL

My friend wanted to meet me at Hard Rock Cafe in KL, located at the first floor of the Concorde Hotel, although I don't mind eating western food, I've always been very skeptical about Hard Rock's food because their Quality Control for each branch is horrid! I've been to several and some are good, some are just plain horrible.

Frankly, I went in being skeptical but came out a pretty happy person! However, I did forget that American establishments serve American Sizes.

I should have just ordered the Caesar Salad which impressively I found delicious ... could it have been a lack of veggies in my diet for that trip? But I remember eating malay food and heaping the veggies on in the afternoon ... hmmm

I also had some open faced burger that wasn't impressive, the sauce was way too thick for me... sorry guys my pictures really suck ... was tired and hungry and the place was dark and noisy ... so very bad images!

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Satellite said...

hey, i think i had that b4 last time in sydney's hard rock cafe. it's called pulled pig's sandwich or is it pulled pork burger or something like that. the meat was shredded right? it was supposed to be some southern or louisiana's speciality and it came highly recommended in the menu, but not nice lei! meat too dry, sauce too sweet. haha, we had to always order the same things.